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How to behave under influence

Posted by on Jan 25, 2016 in DUI |

We summarize these Rules of Conduct as follows:
1. Stay initially in your seat until you are prompted to exit.
2. Show your identification papers: driver’s license (driver’s ID) and vehicle documents ( vehicle registration documents).French-German-bord_3506257b
3. Sit politely but firmly and take all behavioral tests (field tests) if the policeman asks you. Regardless of whether you just need to go on a line with your fingers touching the nose, standing on one leg reciting the ABC or do anything else: you are legally obligated to do so if you are asked. If you are threatened with denial of prison, you still remain untouched, because in prison you may also be brought independently of these tests navigate to this web-site  .For more information you can contact orange county Dui defense attorney.

4. If a police officer has his own suspicions, he will examine the car without your consent.

5. When asked what and how much you’ve been drinking, the recommended standard answer is: “I can only answer your question on the advice of my attorney.”

6. Let the officer perform a breath, blood or urine alcohol test on the spot if he demands you to do so. Saying no to such a test can be
punished with deprivation of the license up to one 92a16cfd-b243-4fe0-b307-b059d398fb18image2year, even if in case there is no drunkenness offense. If the test a blood alcohol shows more than 0.8 per thousand, the driver’s license will be confiscated for 30, up to 90 days
7. Let them immediately conduct their own blood alcohol test, in a hospital, laboratory or by a doctor. If these values are low, this can be helpful in a process.
8. Take an attorney with experience in Drunkenness traffic offenses (DUI experience with cases).
When arrests you have the right to ask that the competent diplomatic mission for you will be informed. For more information you can contact orange county Dui defense attorney. They are then cared for consular. See this further under the heading “consular assistance”.

What are the risks of driving while intoxicated?

Posted by on Jan 25, 2016 in DUI |

Alcohol is one of the major risk factors in road traffic. Every year more than 1 million people die from the consequences of traffic accidents – around 4,000 per day. After the frequency and severity of accidents caused by NO-DUIdriving under the influence of alcohol, drugs and medicines, this is one of the biggest risk factors in road traffic (see also Driving under the Influence, DUI). So a total of nearly 65,000 traffic accidents were registered in 2001 in Germany alone, where alcohol played a role. 909 people lost their lives visit site  .

The consequences of alcohol-related accidents are also disproportionately hard. 1000 traffic accidents involve personal injury where 13 people died, while alcohol-related accidents killed 27 people on the other hand.
According to the statistics of the Association of the liability insurer is due to the influence of alcohol in Unites States, every fourth serious accident. Numerous awareness campaigns and stricter controls in connection with longer sentences have not changed. Only a fraction of all actual driving under the influence of alcohol will be discovered and punished by traffic controls or after an accident.

United States

In 2002 in the United States more than 500,000 accidents happened, including 17,000 killed, as a result of drunk driving.

In all US states, a limit of 0.8 parts per thousand (: DUI Driving under the Influence) applies. In the 1980s, the threshold was still partially at 1.2 per thousand. From 0.5 per thousand is limited driving ability before (with Impaired Driving Ability).

il_fullxfull.674632876_cqo2The delinquent must be made conspicuous by irregular driving behavior. It must also be clear evidence of alcohol consumption (eg, drunken breath odor). The next step is the controlling of the driver in the so-called Field Sobriety Test follows (e.g. standing on one leg). Breath alcohol devices are rarely used, since these are considered as inaccurate on one hand and on the other hand they want to test the actual driving skills. Critics of the method, however, see a danger that even sober people might have difficulty in carrying out the tests. Still, it is good since it will prevent drink drivers from making accidents. For more information about this subject ask click resources .